19 maja 2014

Thailand to Indonesia, by scooter!

Is it possible? Yes.
Is it easy? No.

I've searched all internet about the topic and it's obvious that Malaysian-Indonesian border crossing can be troublesome and hassle. Main problems are paperwork for customs and significant amount of money involved to prepare it. So here are few basic steps I had to take according to some "internet advisers":

- prepare general set of documents for motorbike (see my next post!)
- find an agent /shipping agency/ in Malaysia who will ship my bike by ferry to Indonesia
- apply and become a member of Automobile Association Malaysia
- apply for "Carnet de Passages" document in Automobile Association Malaysia
- prepare deposit money /cash bond/ for bank according to market value of the bike + custom taxes
- find a shipping agency in Belawan /Sumatra/ to ship bike back to Malaysia
- find a passenger ferry from Malaysia to Sumatra Island

Other links I found helpful:

shipping agent in Malaysia (Penang)                      shipping agent in Belawan (Sumatra)
Mr. Lim                                                                                       Pt Melda Jaya
Cakra Enterprise                                                                       Jl. Namgka Timur
187 2nd Floor, Lebuh Pantai,                                                   No. 49, Belawan, Indonesia
Georgetown, 10300 Penang.                                                     tel. 77671410
Mobile phone no. 0124709717 
email: cakrashipping@gmail.com

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