21 czerwca 2014

phuket & krabi & songkla, done

Daamn, this trip is going pretty fast. Today I arrived to Songkla on the east coast of Thailand. I will stay 2 days here. On Monday morning i'm doing last service check of my bike before leaving for Malaysia.

 I actually liked Phuket at low season. It was suprisingly relaxing. And spent some good time with friends:
mysliborski.com/blog/  and skokwbokblog.com/

Krabi was super quiet and sunny. Finally no more raining too! Although indian ocean is very muddy this time of the year, swimming was kind of fun.

Songkla night bazaar looked peaceful Today evening. However don't let it fool you! At any second something can blow up. As it does frequently every year in that province. Muslim terrorists fighting for independence from thai country. Why don't they just make a referendum like putin on crimey? ;)

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