14 czerwca 2014

random updates from the road

I am already in Hua Hin taking rest at the sea. But how were things before? Small update below.
Not too many photos yet, still using mostly my smartphone. Quality pics will come in time. lazy lazy :)
 Hua hin from yesterday, view from the pier next to room
 Hua hin room 300bht, fridge, fan, no toilet
Hua hin, monkey temple

 Nakhom sawan, small but nice city on the way to kanchanaburi
 Kanchanaburi, not much action on the bridge over kwai river, nothing special although scenery around is nice. Lots of tourists too!
 Mae sot, daily market stuff, just like hundreds of other markets in thailand. Wherever you go it is almost same same feeling and stuff.

Dan chang, my stopover on way to kanchanaburi, another city, another market, another grilled squids
Kanchanaburi war museum, the only highlight I found was the magnificent view over kwai river from rooftop. If you want to see armor, dioramas, heavy stuff from wwII forget it, this is not the museum you're looking for. But has lots of Buddhas inside ;)

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Anonimowy pisze...

Do licha, toż to chyba ta sama kwatera w której bylem z P. w Hua Hin. Wraz z przypływem wszystko się rusza, ale i tak urywa.