28 czerwca 2014

welcome to Malaysia!

The crossing in Sadao went super smoothly. Just like other travelers reported. But there is one big "if". I supposed to fill up three different custom forms: tm2, tm4 and Simplified customs declaration form. But I could not get any of those! No workers had idea where to get them. In the end I collected only tm2 form which one copy I left at passport checkpoint and 1 kept for myself (without any stamps or anything official on it!). I don't know what will happen when I re-enter thailand in few weeks.
Right after border I stopped and bought malaysian insurance 450bht for one month only. Steep price but there was no choice.
The very first drink I bought in Malaysia. But I didn't notice it is made with jelly grass which I hate! In thailand I never touch this awful horrible disgusting mixture! Bleeeeeee! ;) 20bht for can.

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