03 lipca 2014

shipping agency "Cakra"

I met the shipping agent mr. Lim. Very nice and straightforward guy. As expected shipments to Sumatra /belawan city/ are done every Wednesday. But I need "carnet the passage" document first. There is one office in Georgetown that might help. Im gonna find out tomorrow.
btw, in shipping agency I met one french guy doing the same route on his big bike. So i won't be alone on this adventure?!

2 komentarze:

Made in China pisze...

kawał maszyny zabojad ma, ale nadal to nie jest PCX;)
pzdr z Yangshuo prezes!

borys skatulski pisze...

Wow! Peter juz w yangshuo! Czekam urywajace dupe foty.
Zabojad na bogato ale jak to mowia, big bike big problems ;)