21 sierpnia 2014

Kuala Lumpur & Sunway City

next stop on the loop was KL. Let's see - the city is far from impressive by any means. But I try to find something new every time Im here. So went to the best shopping mall in KL - Sunway City. It's about 20km from downtown but well worth the visit. Including the awesome waterpark nearby. /but expensive entrance fee 1300bht !/

 classic, Petronas Tower. I could spend hours over there, people watching and tower-watching.

pretty nice chocolate store in Petronas Tower shopping mall. I was impressed by the number of chocolate brands inside. But pricing...well....thats the other story.
 milk ice tea, 35bht /3.5pln/. Veeeery tasty but as in all Malaysia...not enough ice inside.
 Chinatown next to my hostel I stayed. Nothing special but has nice and cheap food court in area
 I am a big fan of this brand since I arrived to Thailand. Love this store! It's just pure fun to walk around play with those crazy items inside. That's their Malaysian branch in Sunway mall.

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