07 września 2014

Toba lake

If I were to choose a favorite place in Indonesia so far it would be Toba Lake. IT is magnificent. IT is massive. IT is quiet. And it is the only not muslim place on the island which means people are relaxed. Just for my taste. 

One of volcanos near TOba. It's HDR mode of Samsung Galaxy Note3. Looks fake but shows situation nicely.
It is mindblowing when you think that the lake and islands were the massive volcanic CALDERA in the past. Almost surreal.
view from my balcony
the room I found in Tuk Tuk town is very basic but...the price 35000 Rupii which is 100bht. /10 polish pln!/. And it has wifi signal too. Wow! Although area is affected with casual blackouts it doesn't matter for that price. The restaurant serves good and cheap meals, view is awesome and many convenience stores around. The guesthouse owner said than some customers are staying  for few months in there. Super relaxing place, good for remote work too. 
In Thailand I use to have a break for a small beer. In Malaysia and Indonesia I had to change my habit. Now it's a tea time :-) Maybe for the better.
WTF? "Zwierciadlo" polish magazine in guesthouse at Toba lake? I found out that was brought by polish couple who stayed there 1 month. They were fishing and cooking every day, at least what owner said. Polish fellows everywhere :)

Toba Lake area is populated by "Batak" people. And those are their housing style. It must have been straight inspiration for George Lucas Star Wars IV part - for vehicle of these little desert creatures, droid hunters. You remember? Same same design :)
view on Tuk Tuk village from the ferry sailing back to mainland. Tuk Tuk is located on the island of Lake Toba. 

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