02 grudnia 2014

mini loop on Java

I left Jakarta heading for the west coast.
And how stunning that route it is! Especially the part from Jakarta > Bogor > Labuhan. Except for insane traffic - all Indonesians going on holidays after Ramadan - everything on the way is quite spectacular. There's even more volcanoes in one place than I have seen on Sumatra. Excellent indeed.
Two highlights worth mentioning:
- Bogor - stylish old town north of Jakarta resembling Bukkitingi. Looks like perfect spot to hang around for day or two.
- west coast of Java with hundreds of resorts and gazillion of tourists. Pretty exhausting and intense experience on its own but with super friendly people. Too bad view of Krakatoa volcano from inland is not possible.

random shot on the west coast of Java. I think it's the only one I took in that area.
 new Lighthouse built next to the old one
 ruins of old Lighthouse destroyed by tsunami from Krakatoa eruption in 1883

on thr ferry to Sumatra

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