02 grudnia 2014

NOT so pretty Jakarta

Arrived to Jakarta! on the scooter from Thailand. Done.  

Mega city Jakarta is now on my personal ranking chart as the second ugliest capital city I have seen. And what's the first one then? ...Ulan Baatar :-)

There isn't much to write about this place. It looks kind of boring and dead. Just a big city full of government buildings and strange monuments. Dirty and chaotic. While I don't mind dirtiness and chaos the real pain is lack of "food" infrastructure. Not too many coffee shops, food stalls or restaurants where you can sit and chill out. The end of Ramadan could be the reason though.

I stayed in pretty decent room at Twins Hotel near the train station for 22 USD per night. Booked on www.agoda.com.

exotic local food in Jakarta :)

main street #1
main street #2
the meaningless obelisk in the middle of huge park

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