24 lipca 2014

Indonesian Visa & carnet DONE!!

I just picked up my carnet from AAM office. It took about 10 days to get it. Good news is it didn't cost arm and leg!
- AAM membership card: 75 ringit (you need to be member of Malaysian Motor assocation to apply for carnet)
- deposit for bike: 3000 ringid (that's the beauty of small scooter, the value is just laughable compared to big bikes so deposit is low)
- carnet fee: 500 ringit (french guy I met in agency told me he paid 150 euro in france for this)
And that's it! Deposit is collectable after my return.

Really friendly and helpfull team at AAM

My first Indonesian visa looks nice in the passport ;)
In Penang you can get 60 days visa unlike the 30 days one from Kuala Lumpur embassy. That's advantage!
There was one hassle though. They required flight in/out ticket to attach but i didn't have one obviously. So i had to deliver financial statement from nearest atm instead. It did the trick nicely. Visa costed 170 ringid /1700bht/
But where is the validity date???

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Anonimowy pisze...

Gratki ! wazna do 25 sierpnia ?


borys skatulski pisze...

A rzeczywiscie, wazna do 25 wrzesnia czyli 3 miesiace, tak samo jak turystyczna tajska ;) dobre oko krzychu