21 sierpnia 2014

AMAZING cameron highlands

While waiting for the carnet I made a small loop in central Malaysia. One magnificent place i came across was Cameron Highlands. High altitude, fresh clean air, breathtaking scenery of tea plantations and delicious strawberry cakes. Strongly recommended! (Thx Marcin for advise!). Oh, and the ride on the bike to get there was an absolute pure joy.
yes, that's altitude of Cameron Highlands. Pretty high! It gives you the fresh, cool mountain feeling and good long sleep at night. Feels like polish mountains climate a little bit.
strawberry cake, strawberry chocolate and muffin for 100bht /10pln/. Bloooody aroooi!

 local made tea tastes really nice and smooth but i prefer stronger taste of russian black tea /found on the lowest shelf of every mini market in Russia/. 50bht for set.

 "Mutrabak", this pancake with beef or chicken (?) could be found across Malaysia. 20bht a piece.

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