29 sierpnia 2014

Bus drivers from HELL

(!@#*&*^ !!! Daaaamn. To make it short: I had absolute nightmare BUS trip from Dumai to Medan. 
It was an overnight bus, 2 drivers. And their driving style absolutely scared shit out of me. It was unbelievable how fast they could ride on a tight, bumpy road with lots of night traffic on. With half damaged suspension and shitty breaks btw. They were racing with other trucks, passing them on 3rd, 4th lane, on side roads...sorry there are no side roads! and so on. Few times we were just inches from hitting the other vehicle. And I was sitting at the front seat watching (experiencing?) it all so I also know that one bastard driver was clearly falling asleep while riding 80km/h.   What the f*** !
I don't know, maybe I'am getting older and more sensitive about these things but really, never had such hell of a trip in my life. Including Mongolia, Kirgistan or China. Indonesia style beats them all! I just couldn't wait to get on my own bike in Medan and show them all BIG middle finger afterwards. 
Because of this trip I decided to take a plane instead on the way back to Malaysia in few weeks.
ferry pier in Indonesia. So far so good!
Bus from hell! Notice, fully rugged front window. In case of rocks, angry pedestrians or other debris on the road.

Nice people except for the guy on the left which was...not so nice. His brainwashing is completed. He is gonna be a loyal jihad warrior in the future.
the last few tens of kilometers before Medan. At that time I was just wasted beyond believe. And pissed.

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