01 września 2014

Honda PCX in MEdan! YEaah!

Medan is the place where I picked up my bike. Actually it's BElawan - the sea port 20km from MEdan.
And everything went smoothly thx to help of Mr Adnan from local shipping agency. Procedures took almost full day and included such amazing activities like "waiting in the customs" for few hours, clearing up the papers, bike inspection etc. :)
And at the end custom officers were not happy at all. Opportunity for easy money from "rich tourist" has been lost. My bike papers were too perfect :)

Inside the mosque nearby my hotel. Seems like good place to take a nap for some individuals.
Ramadan situation. There will be separate post about this "peculiar event".

as i said before, must be very careful when walking around town

RAmadan 7pm, muslims are allowed to eat
one of the first things i check in every new country - chocolate. This one was surprisingly acceptable! much above domestic Thailand quality. But the research must be continued :)
flat tire on the way to BElawan. It took 10 min to change the whole wheel. 
YEaah! Honda PCX waiting in the warehouse, ready to conquer IndoCountry!
Mr Adnan, very helpful and super friendly guy. His commision is twice cheaper than Mr Lim in Malaysia. But full statistics will come in later post.

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