26 sierpnia 2014

ShippiNG Day

Finally shipping day has come. First stop was Penang harbour. It's located at Butterworth on the other side of the Penang bay. There's also a customs office and cantine when we grabbed some lunch sailor style. Mr Lim from agency guided me through the process. The ship was waiting at the wharf (or pier?). 
passport in exchange for harbour pass
local root beer helped me to survive at the hot pier while waiting for loading. Tastes almost same as A&W.

cargo from Indonesia. Cabbage. Lots of cabbage. And Potatos. And cabbage. And more cabbage...
Should I trust this wooden boat? Looked a bit shoddy at first but what the heck, better this boat or..no boat at all :)

scooter in net :)
Bye bye little shark, see you soon!

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