20 września 2014

Bukkit Tingi & Sibolga

I left beautiful Toba lake and hit the road to the west coast of Sumatra. I found two nice places on the way which I can highly recommend: 
Sibolga - very remote, small harbour city at the Indian Ocean, with nice beaches and relaxing atmosphere.
Bukkittingi - small charming town in the mountainous area in the middle of Sumatra. Surrounded by many lakes and volcanoes.
And most of all - truly fantastic people everywhere! So far it's even better than friendliness of Iran people. Really impressed.

Sibolga beach with many resorts along the way. But room prices starts from 800bht. Expensive.

main square of Bukkitingi at nighttime

one of the nearby lakes within 50km range from Bukkittingi. It's a must see in my opinion.
breakfast set at the lake. I'am more and more impressed by the quality of chocolate snacks in Indonesia. Many of them are really decent quality. However prices are not so nice, the nestle "bear" brand milk - 40bht (twice as more as in Thailand).

Bukkitingi at daylight. The air is very clear at this place due to high altitude. Feels almost like mountains.

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