29 września 2014

Ramadan situation...

Travelling while Ramadan is definitely not the best idea but it's quite interesting experience nevertheless.
Ramadan lasts one month and it's about people who decided NOT to eat or drink during a daytime. And you actually must follow the rules whether you like it or not.
So how's the experience? Well, it's frustrating. You know, when I'm hungry I'm angry! :)
Between 7am-7pm most roadside restaurants or food stalls are closed so chances for a hot meal are ZERO. But even If you're lucky to buy anything, eating in public is not welcome. I've been literally kicked off few times from public spots like waterfall or town square because of it. You practically left to starve whole day until restaurants open in the evening. But even though they're open, you can't eat too much at that time, you just simply too tired after 8-10 hours of struggle with insane traffic. After lunch you go back hotel and try to rest, catch sleep BUT your stomach can't. It's busy all night digesting food you've just consumed. Well...viva Ramadan!

And that's the real beauty of travelling. You can't experience these things watching Discovery channel on your couch. Obviously Ramadan is yet another ridiculous religion habit to my collection, this time from Indonesia. BTW Iran, Turkey, Kirghistan and Mongolia have their own fair share in this collection too :-)

3..2..1...GO! It's 7pm and you must eat as much as you can! Situation in the local fast food "texas chicken restaurant". After hour or so, the venue is empty, customers go home. 

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