07 listopada 2014

Indonesia - FOOD

I am not impressed by the indo food. Quality and price are just not right. Ramadan situation doesn't help either. But what do I know? I've tasted only fraction of available dishes so far.

Few thoughts:
- prices are usually higher than in Thailand. For example: bowl of rice +  medium size chicken leg can cost up to 150bht. I'm talking about street prices here, nothing fancy!
- noodle soups are bland. Don't compare to thai or chinese counterparts. They're just worse.
- grilled chicken can be very tasty. They cook it in some nice mixture of herbs and spices. Very good!
- no cheap beer! The Heineken 0.33l costs 60bht. Selection is awfully limited.
- Chocolate products are not that bad. Taste is much better than paper-ish fake thai chocolate.
- good coffee, i mean not "instant" is hard to find. Tea is everywhere.

not so delicious noodles with meat balls + orange juice with lots of sugar. Set costs around 80bht.
"ghoreni noodles" - the most popular dish throughout Sumatra. It comes with rice if you want. Pretty cheap, served with potato chips (!?!?). Tastes OK.
small apple pancakes + black tea. That was unexpected breakfast in one of hotels somewhere in Sungai Penuh land. The prime suspect for getting food poisoned the very next day.
chicken curry, rice and vegetables. Pretty good but not cheap. More than 150bht for set.
the vege soup on the upper left was yummmy! all the rest was meeeeh...

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