12 października 2014

Sumatra > Java crossing

I didn't feel to well for the last few days. I guess Ramadan fastening took its toll on my weakened body. I've spent 3 days on recovery in Bandar Lampung hotel room. This is bordering town to Java island.
Hotel "Adel" in downtown charged 1500bht per night. This was the most expensive accommodation so far. But I really needed it. The room was well worth the price if you don't mind the strong cigarette stench inside.
The ferry crossing is pretty straightforward. Surprisingly not even too crowdy or expensive. However the trip takes almost full day. So I reached Java very later afternoon and immediately hit the local road straight to Jakarta.

There is fascinating place between Sumatra and Java. It's "Krakatoa" volcano, famous from its 1883yr huge eruption, followed by tsunami.  Full documentary here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crlGbGbWKvo . I hope to get better look at this whole caldera from Java coast.

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