29 września 2014

Sungai Penuh

I found Sungai Penuh it in the middle of Sumatra. It looks like Cameron Highlands of Indonesia. It is stunning. Volcanoes are majestic, the weather is crystal clear and obviously people are super friendly. Wish I had more time to hang around. To socialize with locals and enjoy numerous lakes in the area.
One of the highlights is Mt. Kerimci - the highest Volcano of Indonesia. The route itself deserves a separate chapter it was that incredible. Too bad I didn't take many pictures. In fact I was too busy appreciating the beauty and having fun riding along the Kerimci valley. One of the best rides I've done so far EVER.

 Tea plantation, same as in Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

 There's volcano Mt Kerimci on the horizon. IT's truly the king of all volcanoes on Sumatra. The last eruption happened just year ego.
Gas price: 16 bht per little. Laughable :)  It's bloody 1.6 polish zloty! And the quality is passable, the bike still running.

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